It's a bleak story, but it needed to be told.

Hallowed Eye Incorporated: The leaders of the people. The Hallowed Eye Corporation is lead by The Hallowed Eye's Men, four heads that speak with one voice -  Big Business, Politics, Media and the Banks.  They feed each other and they control the world.

Track 1 Melancholy Nightmare:  Our story begins with Solomon as a child looking to an exciting future in which he is only limited by his dreams.  His teachers mold him with lies and the propagandized promises of a righteous world.  His belief that he can accomplish anything will soon become the nightmare of a life of drudgery, trapped by the powers that be. 

Track 2 The Space Before:  As an adult, Solomon will seek a life of safety and excitement in his own imagination, but no matter the worlds he can create in his mind, there is always a new day of menial labor and a life of suppression to wake up to. 

Track 3 Hypnopompia:  hypnopompia (def):  a state of consciousness just before waking up
One day Solomon will awake having just experiencing the horror and knowledge that the future holds nothing but regret and a life wasted for the comfort of a select few.  He can see the vast wasteland of the past and horrors of the future knowing that this life will only serve to degrade him and the people he loves.  

Track 4 Getupgotoworkgohomegotobed:  Life today is the same as yesterday and holds the same for tomorrow. Get up, go to work, go home, go to bed.

Tracks 5 and 6 The Mindless Passage of Time/ Return of the Man in the Gray Flannel Suit: Defeated and depressed, Solomon turns to his preferred drug for the masses: television. The propaganda machine in full swing, he will see the promises of The Hallowed Eye's Men; the leaders of the community; those whose comfort the people are blessed to support; those whose lives are enriched daily by the blood, sweat and broken spirit of the people;  those with a promise on their lips, an answer for every woe, and a dollar for every deceit.  The Hallowed Eyes Men pledge to bring back the middle class, to the narrowing of the wealth divide and the return of the man in the gray flannel suit. Another promise, another deceit, another dollar.

Track 7 Clockwork Man:  This is the daily grind.  People working themselves into the ground in order to make just enough money to get to the next paycheck.  Everywhere Solomon looks, he sees the people for the objectification they've become:  cogs in a machine.  No longer are they people, but a means to an end.  Solomon realizes that this is the manifestation of his worst nightmares come true. There must be a way to break free.

Track 8 Too Fucking Old:  This is Otto's story.
Otto, Solomon's best friend, is in the twilight of his life.  They work together, laugh together, and offer whatever support they can to one another, but Solomon can see that Otto is a broken man and that he's become too old for hard labor.  Otto has worked his entire adult life in the Hallowed Eye's factories.  His health is failing, he worries about the fate of his family and it seems that old age has snuck up on him.  While still young at heart, he dreams of his youth and the days long ago when his dreams still mattered.

Track 9 Solomon Vs. The Clerk:  Solomon, concerned for Otto and everyone else he loves at the factory, goes to the high office of the Hallowed Eye to express his concern for the treatment of the people.  The clerk tries to dissuade him with the usual red tape but Solomon isn't going to back down. He must speak with the Hallowed Eye's Men.

Track 10 Hallowed Eye Inc:  "Ut Mortem Operatur Magis Nobis" -- Work them to death, more for us. 
The Hallowed Eye's Men have a singular goal:  power through money.  They know they control the people and their only concern is that the people continue to accept the imbalance that befits the corporation.  As long as the people blindly comply, the Hallowed Eye's Men will get their way.  To their shock, Solomon challenges them and calls them out for who they are.  For now, they will settle into denial and bask in their dominance, but the seed of fear has been planted.

Track 11 We're Alone Together:  Solomon contemplates telling his wife that his visit with the Hallowed Eye's Men is a failure... that he is a failure.

Track 12 The Philosopher King:  Solomon is stopped on his way home by a homeless man, the leader of a group of people living on the streets that call themselves The Philosopher Kings.  This King of Kings, so to speak, can see that Solomon is distressed and offers Solomon the only form of salvation he knows -- join the Philosopher Kings.  The world of possessions and trinkets will hold no sway over one who has cast aside their need for creature comforts. 

Track 13 Sanctuary:  Drawn to the possibility of escape and a new beginning, Solomon considers finding sanctuary on the streets under the protection of the homeless.  As he allows the voices of The Philosopher Kings to sway him, as seductive as the idea of turning away from his life may be, he knows in his heart that he could never give up all he owns to disappear into the back alleys of society.  While he could easily give up the few possessions that have meaning for him, he could never truly give up on the hope and possibility that one day things may change.  Besides, these people are a bit unstable.

Track 14 One Spark:  The full weight of the potential damage done by Solomon's confrontation begins to alarm the Hallowed Eye's Men.  Realizing that one truly determined man who refuses to accept the propaganda they espouse could lead to more men following suit and upsetting their delicate hold on society, the Hallowed Eye's Men panic.  They call upon the clerk to locate Solomon for them.

Track 15 The Way It Is:  Just as Solomon is finding his hope renewed and the inner strength he will need to move forward and fight, the Hallowed Eye's Men find him and set about putting him back in his place.  They lay out the reality of the way of the world they live in.  The stark and devastating truth of the Hallowed Eye's Men's reach and control is terrifying, and Solomon knows his efforts against them will likely be futile.  How should he react?  How do you react in this same world?  On some level it's the world we all live in.  Can you be the spark?