Normal Like Us is a hard rock band from Colorado.  We love melody, story, and groove and we work hard to bring something unique.

2019 was AMAZING! Our first album, several shows and many new friends.

For 2020, we are working on new material, something a bit different from before (who wants to hear the same thing over and over?). Our last album was for and about society; it was a blast to create and a story we needed to tell. Our new work will be more personal,  stories we need to share. We also look forward to getting out and playing even more in 2020.

In 2019 we released our first album  "Hallowed Eye Inc.", a concept album consisting of 9 full length songs and 6 shorter interludes to help push the story:  OUT NOW -- take a look at our store (Link at the top of this page) to listen to and purchase our songs. Our album can also be found on most streaming platforms.

Our current lineup consists of Greg Brozek (vocals and guitar), Rick Peek (Bass and vocals), and Paul Canchola (drums). All our love, Normal Like Us.   

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