Our music was recently described by a friend as Dystopian Prog-Rock.  Sounds fitting to us. 

Normal Like Us is a rock band from Southern Colorado.  We believe that music should tell a story and paint an emotional portrait that speaks of society at large.  We've worked hard at creating art that you will recognize deep in your psyche as being part of all of us, a piece of humanity that is simultaneously the distant wreckage we fear and the familiar life we live. Feel free to take the time to read our conceit (the story we're telling on our new album) and our lyrics, and hear our songs. 

In 2018 we began work on our first CD release titled "Hallowed Eye Inc.", a concept album consisting of 9 full length songs and 6 shorter interludes to help push the story:  OUT NOW -- take a look at our store (Link at the top of this page) for CDs, Downloads and other merchandise.

Our current lineup consists of Greg Brozek (vocals and guitar), Frank Morgan (guitar and vocals), Rick Peek (Bass and vocals), and Paul Canchola (drums).  We'll be playing out more in 2019, so we hope to see you soon! All our love, Normal Like Us.   

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